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PADI Specialty Ratings


Enriched Air Diver (2 Dives)

Enriched Air Analyzing

 This is easily our most popular specialty taught. Whether you prefer hunting for macro whilst diving Dauin or Zamboanguita, or you are an avid turtle lover who enjoys exploring the walls at Apo Island, the desire to be able to increase your bottom time through exposure to less nitrogen is  understandable. Enriched Air simply means an air mix that has a higher than 21% oxygen and lower than 79% Nitrogen content. 

 During this course you will have the option to either take part in 2 (two) dives using Enriched Air, or complete two simulated dives (planning, preparation and gas exposure tracking as if we were executing the dives). We like to encourage people who are able to dive, to actually take part in the dives and allow us to show you some of the reasons divers come diving in Dumaguete generally, and Dauin specifically.

 You will be taught the 'Pro's and Con's' of using Enriched Air, equipment considerations, dive planning for Enriched Air dives, how to independently analyze and record the details of the gas in your cylinder, and how to set your dive computer for different gas mixes. Upon succesful completion of this course you will be qualified to dive with Enriched Air blends up to 40% O2.


You will be happy to know that you can start your learning towards your Enriched Air Diver certification today with PADI E-Learning online or touch. Simply click here to register and start learning, then contact us to arrange your practical training.


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