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Barracuda Apo Island

The Mission: Find Barracuda.

The result: Enormous success

We have been blessed with some outstanding conditions and encounters with marine life recently whilst heading to our favourite Apo Island dive sites. The diving has been rewarding for all, with the school of Jackfish, turtles-a-plenty and the always beautiful corals. 

Dumaguete diving clean up 2  Dumaguete diving clean up

Well done to all for ensuring the Dumaguete diving sites are less polutted today. Coral Dive & Adventure staff made an early start to join local officials, the Marine Conservation of the Philippines and local volunteers in maintaining the Zamboanguita coastal areas. 

Equipped with rice sacks and with a hot sun beating down, all volunteers spent a few back-breaking hours laboring to improve the environment for all. Maintaining the coastal areas is important not just to ensure a dive paradise for international and local divers wanting to take part in scuba diving, but because the marine life that inhabit these fantastic areas are vulnerable to such debris.


That moment..........the boat has glided across the calm ocean.......Dolphins have danced in the break of the bow..........

Guests diving in Dumaguete enjoy encounters like this:

Nudibranch diving in DumagueteSeahorse diving in Dauin

For this to be possible requires a very special type of underwater inhabitant.......

IMG 20170903 WA00055. OW

Recent student Jerry arrived with us determined to earn his PADI Open Water Diver certification at the same time as experiencing some of the best diving on offer in Dumaguete. 

Quite often, guests choosing Dumaguete as one of their diving destinations, will either be coming from Moalboal or they will be heading to Moalboal after diving in Dumaguete.

We are fortunate enough to have formed a strong relationship with our friends from the Magic Road Club in China and recently been able to offer a range of additional activity.

Magic Road Club MembersMagic Road Club DauinCasaroro 1

It is of course an amazing experience hosting a group of divers as well as individual guests diving with us. When the group reigns from Hong-Kong it is given a special element of pleasure...... Mark was born in HK and spent the first couple of years living there before before moving back to Europe. It was then, when Mark was living back in HK as an adult and visiting the Philippines to dive, that he met Maria. The rest is history......... Hin, Jean, Becky, Andrew and Alan, it is a pleasure having you with us and we have truly enjoyed being the dive operation selected to meet your vacation needs.

received 1321510804611356

It gives us great pleasure to confirm that we have been accredited as a PADI Dive Resort. This status indicates that in addition to providing our guests with the dive services they have come to expect, we also offer our guests accommodation options to consider. Contact us for full details of attractive dive and accommodation packages available throughout the year.




Well, once again we went out to dive Zamboanguita with guests from both our dive shop in Zamboanguita itself (White Chocolate Hills Resort) and our second dive shop in Dauin (Mahogany Upland Resort) and we were left smiling from ear to ear once again. Here are a few pics to help you understand why:

Today we decided to continue our Zamboanguita diving adventures....... Once again we decided to dive Zamboanguita starting with our secret gem 'The Waiting Shed' located close to White Chocolate Hills Resort, where we were graced with sightings of 10 Sea-horses, prompting us to take action to set up a little infrastructure for these wonderful residents (watch the blog for updates). 

Then it was time to hop on board Coral Adventure 1 under command of our very own Jack Sparrow to take us to Kookoo's nest. Amongst the array of soft and hard corals to be found we were fortunate enough to have a camera to hand to take some nice pics of a family of clown fish nesteled within their anenome home. 

Come on, admit it! We all have a soft spot for these lovely fish right?

Zamboanguita Clowns

Zamboanguita Clown

Fancy playing a game of 'Hide & Seek'? If you do then come and dive at Apo Island and allow us to introduce you to this wondeful Whip Coral Shrimp who will do it's very best to stay in the opposite side of the coral strand to where you are yourself! Ask us about the amazing Apo Island day trips, including the 2 and 3 dive packages we can offer you.

This particular trip saw us launching our boat from our Zamboanguita dive shop and saw us all back in time for a nice cool drink before 4pm.......

IMG 2113

IMG 2213  IMG 2225

Over the last couple of days we have been conducting a few exploration dives right in front of where our dive shop is located in Zamboanguita...... Whilst diving here we were thrilled to find many people's favourite - Sea-Horses!!!! Over the past 2 days we have found 3 different Sea-Horses,  What's more is that on the same dive we also found 3 different Frogfish, which just goes to show one more reason that diving in Zamboanguita can rival diving in Dauin in terms of variety and pleasing surprises. Just remember that the seahorse is too small to be fed hay!


Well, after what proved to be a slightly 'testing' waiting period we are very proud to say that our new dive bangka 'Coral Adventure 1' has arrived at Zamboanguita. Family members braved the low-pressure conditions to make a somewhat gruelling 15hr journey at the helm from Malapascua to Zamboanguita. Thanks to all for taking the time to support our business and get this much awaited asset to us.


The diving at Apo Island today was absolutely amazing.

Coral Dive & Adventure recently assisted a large UK group booking for their diving activity in both Malapascua to dive with the Thresher Sharks and then on to experience diving at Balicasag Island, staying in Pangalo (Bohol).


Time to get with the flow....... We will be looking to keep this blog running as a means of keeping you, our customers informed as to what is happening, what we have been up to, and to inform all of special offers as they arise. We are offering scuba diving and PADI dive training in Dauin, Zamboanguita and Apo Island.